Becoming a Social Developer

Developers love to talk but are reluctant to start a conversation. Become the spark that gets the warm, inviting conversation going.

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A Guide for Introverts

Become a part of the community. This is easy -- and incredibly terrifying. Building your developer network will boost your knowledge, your skills, and your career. As an introvert you can become a social developer while still being true to yourself.

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Get Started

A Challenge from Jeremy

At Home (10 min)

On Stage (10 min)

NDC Oslo (60 min)


"I'm a social developer" stickers.
Great to put on laptops or wear at an event to encourage convesation.

Old School Kits

Notepads / Notebooks / Pens
Keep track of who you meet and talk to at events, with places to record names, places, technologies, and more.

Join the Movement

Are you ready to start influencing those around you?
Become a Social Developer and spread the word! We all get better together.